Pablo Picasso once said: The meaning of life is to find your gift. The purpose of life is to give it away.

I’m following this programme that is supposed to help me prepare for the Hamburg Marathon. Today, that programme told me to run 16km. Before you ask: yes, I did make it back home. But just about. And it wasn’t so bad that I asked myself why on earth I was doing this. While I was ‘running’ I had to come up with something to look forward to. Like a shower and a rest. It worked.

I’m doing this running thing to keep fit, to get out, and to clear up my mind. When I’m struggling for air and my legs switch to automatic my mind goes blank. It’s a break from the questions that bother me. From the quest for meaning and purpose.

Pádraig went out this afternoon to visit his grandaunts. The idea of him going to see them in the nursing home, in his wheelchair, is strange. But they are delighted each time he comes to see them. They wonder how he is doing, how he is improving. And I think he likes the idea of the visits that really makes their day, bringing happiness to them. – Think about it: isn’t that another first? Something nobody had ever expected to happen? That Pádraig would go to visit his 90 year-old grandaunts, bringing them happiness and making their day? That his fight is not just for survival but a meaning and purpose, and not just for him but for so many others? Finding his gift and giving it away?