This evening we received the very sad news that our and, especially, Pádraig’s very good friend, Pat’s colleague Louise had died suddenly and unexpected.

Louise had been visiting Pádraig every Monday evening forever to read and chat to him as Gaeilge. She had always made a big effort to find something really interesting, like the book she had given as a Christmas present about a German woman reflecting in Irish about her life in Ireland. It is utterly and completely unreal that she isn’t with us anymore, that she won’t be coming anymore on those Monday evenings, that she won’t be reading all those wonderful stories to Pádraig anymore, that she won’t be traveling with us anymore..

She had been coming to Lourdes with Pádraig and us, last year even on the train from Germany. She had already planned this year’s journey with us.

There are no words to describe the loss and the sadness of her untimely death. We are all in shock. My heart and thoughts and prayers are with Louise’s family tonight. May she rest in peace.