Apple laptops and computers and software are probably amongst the best you can get. Well, there is this nagging doubt in my mind about all the data they are collecting about people, and the way they manufacture their hardware in Asia, and one day, I have promised myself, I will deal with that.

Remember when the European Commission estimated that Apple owed the Irish people 15 billion euro and the Irish Government, representing the Irish people, said they didn’t really want it? So they have been making a legal case that would allow them not to have to accept that tax from Apple. Today, the Irish Times reports that legal bills, tax advice, and translation costs have now risen above 4.6 million euro. (Just in case you wonder about the translation – that was only 50k:) Imagine, we the Irish tax payers have so far paid 4.6 million euro, mostly to legal and accountancy firms, so that our representatives, the Irish Government, can avoid accepting 15 billion euro in tax from Apple due to it, according to the European Commission – that has now taken the Irish Government to the European Court of Justice to make them accept that tax.

I know, life, politics, tax and all that stuff are complicated. But I wonder whether I am really missing something here or whether this is really as ridiculous as it seems. And if it s, why we, the people, allow this to happen? Especially when we are talking day in and day out about the crisis in housing, in healthcare, or with institutions of the State which no-one will ever investigate because it would be too expensive. – Stuff that makes me want to go up onto a mountain in a far away country, never to hear ever again about any of it.

In the meantime, I am finalising the paperwork with the HSE. Which is good news and something very few people, if any, would have believed to be possible a little more than a year ago.

I’m spending more time with Pádraig again, but am still spending a few hours in bed during the day trying to get rid of the remainder of this cold, or was it the flu?

The winter is slightly depressing, not just because of the cold, but also because it is so difficult to go out, to get a bit of sunlight, or some fresh air. From next week on, I’ll pick an afternoon and I will go out with Pádraig – on good days for a walk, on wet, windy or dark days to see a movie, visit a museum or walk a shopping centre. We need to see other people!

Oh – talking about that mountain. Got a Whatsup call from Pádraig’s friend who is in Nepal. Unfortunately, Pádraig had his afternoon nap when he called. Our conversation went slightly over the top, literally, when we considered, for a second, to get Pádraig to the Everest Base Camp in a helicopter. But Nepal – wouldn’t that be an adventure and something for the brain and the senses?