In order to see things you need to look at them from the outside. Everybody knows (and would agree) that you only see trees when you’re in the wood, but never the wood itself. Few realise what that means.

Here is what happened to me today.

I haven’t been out driving on the road through the city on my own for some time. Worse, I was so sick for days, I was ‘deprived’ of any stimulation of any of my senses because they just didn’t seem to exist anymore. So today, these are just two examples of a myriad of incredible, amazing things I saw when I got out again for the first time.

A logistics company with a an email address: I mean “CON-LOG”??? Does that not make you think immediately of a new crime-stopper initiative you hadn’t heard about yet??? And never ever of a LOGISTICS company??? I ask you, who under the heavens came up with this name? Almost sounds like somebody tried a bad joke.

And then a little red, pretty worn, but solid as usual, Nissan Micra – wait: SPORT! Ok Ok – Micras are great little cars. And: I get BMW “Sport”, even FIAT “Sport”, but Nissan Micra “Sport”??? I mean, honestly, this sounds exactly like ‘open secret’, ‘living dead’, or ‘military intelligence’ – what linguists call an “oxymoron”! Could you think of anyone, I mean anyone, who would come up with even the idea of calling a Micra a Micra “Sport”? I wanted to overtake the car to see who the poor devil was who had been landed with this oxymoron of a car – but in one way or another, the sports label must have worked on this poor soul’s self perception down on Gardiner Street and made him belief that he was no other but Ralf Schumacher driving a Ferrari down the Nürburgring. When the lights turned green, he revved up and disappeared in a split second on the horizon.

There is so much irony surrounding us, we usually don’t see it anymore.

Soon we will have a chance to demonstrate what the support survivors of sABI, their families and their friends have a right to should look like. We will have to demonstrate this together and create a service and a place like no other. Not a rehab centre, not a rehab hospital, not a sad place where sad people meet who require our pity. But a bright, sparkling, energetic, funky, open space full of life where sABI survivors get all the support they need to live their lives as independently and as much integrated in society as possibly, a space for live, a resource for life, designed for life.

Everything else would turn the term ‘health service’ into an oxymoron. A bit like, you know… 🙂

(PS1: A private message to my millions of followers: still only a few hours up every day, but getting over the worst!)

(PS2: A private message to change your email address. Today.)

{PS3: A private message to Nissan: If I was you, I’d remove that “Sports” badge from the Micras. Seriously.)