For all the millions of followers out there who are wondering how am I doing. I’m getting better. So much so that I managed to get out of bed for a few hours today. While I felt really positive about it, I wasn’t allowed to get near anybody or anything, and instead of the tender loving care I had expected I was greeted by people offering me face masks and hand sanitiser. I guess that at the end of the day, every (wo)man for him/herself:)

While I had my first bite to eat for a while I watched a bit of the evening news. During a commercial break they showed an ad by Laya Healthcare, one of Ireland’s largest health insurers.

Not sure what you think about this ad. I thought: Ok: people, animals, stuff, stumbling, falling, rolling down a steep hill with paint guns exploding all around them proves that “it’s good to live”? Are they for real?? And then, when I did a bit of research, I discovered that the company paid 2.5 million (!) euro for this integrated ad campaign! They even have a variation on the tumbling down theme with a health coach  timing the tumbles of all the apples, bikes, dogs, and people, before they’re all hit by paint balls.

Maybe it’s because I’ve been out sick in bed for a few days and still feel a bit dizzy. Maybe I’m getting too old to get into this kind of swing? I know healthy living is all about moving, but – tumbling down a steep hill while being shouted at by a health coach just before being shot by giant paint balls?

It’s either a big mistake or well, somebody is on to something big here…

One good thing that transpired over the past days: life for everybody, including for Pádraig, went on without me. I’m sure it wasn’t half as much fun. But: it did. Which is, though it might sound a bit odd, something really reassuring to know. Pádraig continued with his exercises and while he couldn’t go swimming today, life continued, and not all in a bad way.

Another good thing is that we’re planning to sign the agreement with the HSE next week for the An Saol pilot project. Another step forward.

Last but not least: thank you all for your kind words and messages! They really helped to keep the spirit up!