There was definitely magic in the air at Dublin Airport today with so many people arriving home for Christmas. When Pádraig and us got into the arrivals hall, we thought ‘wow’. The sound of that Gospel Choir was pretty unbelievable. The energy, the joy, the sheer drive and believe behind their songs and their singers was really special.

We went there to meet Pádraig’s uncle from America who has the habit to arrive, like Santa himself, on Christmas Eve.

A few decades ago, it all was the other way around: I was coming to Dublin and he picked me up. It was my first time to meet him and his family. The evening and the night are now a firm part of our family’s folklore and has been remembered at weddings and funerals and, just last Wednesday, on ‘Talk to Joe’. Today, it was and altogether more ‘civilised’ affair. He brought with him best wishes, cards, and presents from people we barely know. Love around the world! And peace on Earth.