I’m having trouble getting into the Christmas spirit. Whatever that is. Instead, I am getting this urge of making long overdue decisions. Some of them I wanted to make when Pádraig’s accident happened. But, everybody knows and Dr Google will confirm that for you: never take important decisions at moments of life-changing events.

My best friend once said: nobody ever changes, unless they really have to. And that is at breaking point. Decisions are too risky otherwise. Especially the big ones.

I am taking a precaution: I’ll try to get some sleep because rule number 2 says: never take important decisions when you are exhausted. Although, if that doesn’t work out (getting some sleep), I’d say rule number 1 will kick in automatically, because I’ll find myself closer to that point where taking a decision won’t be optional.

There is a third rule. Before you introduce any drastic changes, get rid of ballast and clutter. So over the coming days (hopefully) and weeks (more likely) I will get rid of stuff that I feel captures my life. Books, pictures, clothes and other stuff important to no-one else but myself – and I won’t have the time to read those books, looks at those pictures, or wear any of those clothes filling up that wardrobe to a point where it no longer closes.

Pádraig went out food shopping today to one of those gigantic supermarket to get what we will need over the Christmas. Another pretty good thing to be able to do. We’ll have a full house over the coming week. Family will be joining us from Europe, the US and Australia. It’ll be mad, chaotic, great fun, sad (because of all the people missing), never-ending (like the turkey being served, again, on Stephen’s Day:), and (occasionally) happy. Just like Christmas is supposed to be.