Like all real heroes, Sam died of “a broken heart and penniless”, in 1927 aged 49. He was a successful Gaelic footballer and became Chairman of the London County Board, as well as a trustee of Croke Park. Apparently, he recruited Michael Collins to the Irish Republican Brotherhood in 1909 and for many years was one of Collins right hand men. Like many Irish heroes the legend started after his death. The Sam Maguire Cup, probably the most famous trophy in Irish sports, was designed and presented to the Gaelic Athletic Association in 1928 in his honour and after his death in 1927.

Why is this all important?

Because this coming Thursday, rumours have it, the world-famous Sam Maguire Cup will appear at “Winter Song by Candlelight” organised by the Parish of Our Lady of Dolours, Glasnevin, for “Caring for Pádraig”. – Another reason to join us at 7pm this coming Thursday! (AND: there will be a fabulous raffle with free mulled wine, marshmallows and all sorts of other seasonal goodies!)

Today I had a terrible encounter with the most incredible inconsiderate, heartless person, the kind of person I didn’t think even existed. I was shaking afterwards and it took me the best of half an hour to find my composure. It reminded me that there is only one strategy to deal with these kind of people: stay away from them, do not engage, at all at all, and stay calm, always calm. It was so bad that I almost feel a weird sense of gratitude to that person for helping me to learn this invaluable lesson.

Today, I also has the most delightful, fantastic, incredible half an hour with one of Pádraig’s carer and the man himself, walking on water – well: in water, though it felt, to me, he was right on top of it. He is struggling with his right leg, but he was moving his left leg forward, he stretched it, and he stood on it! On the side of the pool, he held on to the bar, with both hands, and he stood without any support whatsoever, except for me supporting his head a little with one hand, for at least a couple of minutes. It was another first, a new PB.

Worth the Sam Maguire!