“So kann das nicht weitergehen!” – I’m sure there is a translation for this, something like “It can’t continue like this”, but, as is the case with many translations, this one doesn’t quite hit the note. A bit like an Irish friend telling me that there ain’t a word in the Irish language that quite expresses the sense of urgency in the Spanish word “mañana” – the English translation of this German expression doesn’t quite capture the sense of determination to stop what is going on and to change course.

What am I referring to?

On my macro level, the lack of official interest, the lack of responsibility, accountability, transparency, and, above all, ambition, honesty and pride, in relation to the rehabilitation of survivors of a very severe brain injury – this lack has to be turned into overwhelming support. On my micro level, Pádraig needs to be participating in life outside the house. I find it difficult to spend so much time here, for Pádraig it must be so much worse. We have to do more immediate things like cinema, concerts, museums, walks in the city, and start planning mid- to long term action, trips, journeys, adventures. The way it is at the moment feels like being trapped in a space that produces claustrophobia, like a straight jacket.

Yes, Pádraig is making progress, slow and steady. But a life making slow and steady progress needs jumps down into the unknown, explosions of colour, leaps into the thin air, blind dates with adventure.

Pádraig got easily bored and always looked for exciting, interesting, new stuff.

I’m beginning to think that all the stuff we think is difficult to organise, his care, therapies, rehabilitation, is easy in comparison to avoiding boredom.

PS: Tonight, Pádraig had mashed potatoes, beans and sausage. Apart from the potatoes nothing was mashed. We’d never thought he could eat beans and sausages just like that. A complete underestimation of what he can do. I can only imagine, how much nicer it must be to taste and feel the texture of the food, instead of everything being mashed or pureed…