It was my first time at a Coroner’s Court. The Court sat today to determine the cause of death of our dear friend Sara Walsh who passed away on 17 June 2015. We first met Sara in Beaumont Hospital where she shared a ward with Pádraig. Following an ABI in Beaumont she was the first to go to the neuro rehabilitation centre in Pforzheim and made great progress there. Her death left us all devastated, most of all of course her parents and family who have been great supporters of An Saol. There are many things that could be said about today’s sitting and the testimonies given there – none of them would make a difference. Sara will always be with us.

As part of it series “Ten Things You Need To Know” the Irish State Broadcaster RTÉ One tonight showed a programme about brain computer interfaces and brain technology in general. Check out especially the last five minutes or so of the programme featuring Pádraig flying a drone in the Wicklow Mountains!