There are some big days with ‘firsts’. Today, it was one of those. A really big achievement that on first sight might not look that impressive. In fact, it looks tiny.

Pádraig’s weak side is his right, things he can do with relative ease with his left, he has trouble doing with his right. Stretching out his leg when lying on his stomach is not that difficult for him when he does it with his left leg. But he hadn’t done this, stretching out his leg, using his right leg. Today he did it ten times in a row. You have to look closely to see what is going on here.

The point is that once he can do it a tiny little bit, he knows that he can control that movement. The rest is ‘just’ practice. The absolutely brilliant thing is that it is him doing it. There’s nobody helping him, nobody supporting that movement, he is in control. Why is he doing it? – There are many reasons, one being that this is a movement similar to one he’ll do when he’ll be walking.

So this is like a first small step.