I had hear of Feldenkrais but didn’t really know what it was until a Feldenkrais ‘master’ today worked with Pádraig on improving the connections of his body with his brain. I couldn’t find any reference of it being used to help survivors of brain injury, but the approach makes sense. Whether it works, we don’t know but will find out over time, I suppose. Pádraig seemed to have enjoyed the session today.

In the morning, we had been at the funeral of our friend, Gabrielle. One of the readings was a section of Ecclesiastes (3) The Byrds had used for their song “Turn, Turn, Turn”: “To every thing there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven”.

I had a meeting with an architect who will drive the development of the An Saol premises in the Players’ old tobacco factory. I’ve been thinking about a name or the building and thought that “FABrík!” would be a great name for this fabulously funky tech playground that will support survivors of severe ABI to recover their function.

What do you think?