Someone told me, I tried to find it, and am still looking: apparently, Ireland is going to be one of the coldest countries in Europe tonight and tomorrow.

To be honest: I’d find that hard to believe. Dublin colder than Warsaw? – Though these days, anything is possible.

So just in case snow will close down the country tomorrow, we went out for a walk today, down Dorset Street, passing by Parnell Square and the Municipal Gallery, crossing through the Ilac Centre, into O’Connell Street, quick look into one of the last Guiney’s shops on Talbot Street, squeezing in between the Pro-Cathedral and the Department of Education towards home. – I know, a long list of streets and places, and yes, when we came back the first thing we did was warming up again. I was a really good, long walk and I know that Pádraig enjoyed the buzz on the streets.

Weather permitting, that’s what we’ll do every Saturday afternoon: going into town, going into museums, going up the mountain, going down by the sea – whatever it’ll be: it’ll be going somewhere. We’ll keep going. No matter what!