We’re getting somewhere. Got a bit of a handle on costing. Talked to fire consultants. Almost have enough information to take a decision. Can I see the day that we open An Saol in this building? – Of course. Can’t wait for it!

Dolly (the dog that moonlights as therapy dog at times) dropped in this afternoon to visit Pádraig and to attend his music therapy. Earlier in the day, he used his fingers to select options on a touch screen computer (helped by his new carer). He had a lot of fun during that session with his SLT, taking them on when they asked him stupid questions like: “Are you a good swimmer?” – I had to think of that lady in the supermarket who told Pat she had a great helper with her looking a Pádraig. And Pat saying that he was not much of a help – provoking a huge smile on Pádraig’s face. – Of course, he is not a good swimmer at the moment. How could he be? But he is getting better! So is Pat. There are moments when I can see us living in peace together, happy.