Something’s got it. Some things haven’t. You can loose it. And as I found out today, you can get it back if you try! The spark. The Momentum.I almost lost it, the momentum, got frustrated because of a lack of progress, But now, I’ve got drawings (supplied by a good friend), we have an architect (another friend put me in touch with), fire consultants (I found on the web;) looking at them, and quantity surveyors costing the refurbishment. We are about to nail this down and make it happen. All we need is all these people, from the owner to the engineers and architect, to believe that we can make the impossible happen.

Maintaining the momentum.

To be honest, these last few weeks have been so difficult. Never mind any ‘momentum’, it was like ‘just let me get through this intact’. It was all about the meaning, the absurdity and the hurt life has in store, all bundled up and delivered in its most distilled form, hard to swallow.

Pádraig’s new carer has discovered that if she gives him the time, Pádraig is well able to help by lifting his legs, arms and his head. All of a sudden, what was a one way ‘duty’ has become an interaction where he starts doing stuff, like getting dressed, not quite by himself, but he is showing that he is not just clearly conscious of what is happening, he has started, in a small but in his own determined way, to do it himself.

He misses Pat who now spends some time with him every day, but is still on her own path of recovery. It’s all getting better. And there clearly is momentum:)