It’s a mild night in Dublin. I’ve the window open just enough to let a bit of fresh air in and to hear the rain running down a broken plastic pipe somewhere not too far away. I have decided to go to bed earlier and to get a bit more sleep.

What that means is: feeling less tired during the day, clearly and not surprisingly. It also means: I don’t fall asleep the minute my head hits the pillow; and I have dreams so vivid and clear I find it hard to tell whether something happened or whether something was, well, just a dream.

So, in a way, going to sleep is like getting ready for your dreams. Listening to the rain outside and the water hitting that broken pipe. It feels like as if the world could be at peace, this moment. Tonight.

Following a waiting time of nine months, Pádraig today saw two OTs in the CRC’s assisted technology department for about an hour. They were amazed by his progress an we tested a new switch to be used for his Tobii Dynavox. It was a good session – though, and with all due respect, really, on OT would have sufficed and having to wait nine month for this is, without any shadow of a doubt, just unreal.

But rather than dwelling on this, I’ll listen to the rain outside, get ready for my dreams, and believe in a world at peace.

PS: If Kevin should read this – I just corrected ‘the world at piece’ and changed it to ‘the world at peace’. Makes more sense:)