Don’t spend too much time with one particular person.

This apparently is what at least one community therapist was told by their management.

I just heard this recently, first hand, and I wasn’t surprised. While the blandness of the statement is amazing, it makes perfect sense when you think about it for a minute. There aren’t enough therapists in the community and the ones that are there are generalists, trying to deal with dozens of different conditions. So any attempt to get more time from them for a particular person, even if this person is in desperate need of therapy, will fail. Must fail. In this system.

The lesson: don’t waste your time trying.

Instead: pool your forces of whatever type (political, professional, financial, whatever) to build an alternative. This effort will pay off and will not go wasted. Whoever is out there and wants to help, can help our efforts to build these alternatives, let me know.

Today, Pádraig’s physio called in sick. His PA wasn’t great but didn’t call in sick. And I spent, again, most of the day lying down.

Tomorrow will be another, a better day!

PS: Follow that advice – do as little as possible, ‘fighting’ the system or whatever else. Instead do as much as possible to really make a difference where you can by working on positive change. Sailing down the stream with the Dreamboaters. Working the sails. Leaving ‘systems’ behind on the shore. Soon, we won’t even remember them.