We swapped roles and experiences today (kind of).

Pádraig had an absolutely brilliant day out and about the Royal Canal, the railway bridge in Drumcondra and Quinn’s pub, last stop before Croke Park, pre-match. Later on he was listening to the highlight of this year’s sporting calendar, the (gaelic) football final, sitting out in the garden, so he could hear it live (the wind carried the sound from the stadium) and on the wireless. He got a Dublin flag from a street trader and had a couple of ice creams sitting outside in the warm-ish September afternoon, enjoying a thrilling match.

In turn, I had gone back to bed after a late breakfast and slept it all out until late afternoon, trying to get over a cold or a flu or whatever it was that made me feel ancient and useless and without even a bit of energy. What made it all worse was that all the time I felt that I cannot really afford to get a flu or to stay in bed. It’s a frightening thought. A sad one too.

I’m sure, I’ll be over the worst tomorrow.