I’m not talking about the computer-type tablet.

Nor am I talking about the drug-type tablet. I’m referring to the only tablet Pádraig has been taking for a long time, and that is a calcium supplement. Why? Well, because today was the first day I took that tablet orally. We tried it out ourselves and then asked Pádraig to chew it, as one should. So far, he’d been taking it with water via his PEG. Today, he chewed and then swallowed it. Small step. But significant. And important.

There are a few things I came across which I wanted to share. One is an article in The Guardian by Jonathan Friesland who wrote recently that hurricane

Harvey has killed an estimated 44 Texans and forced some 32,000 into shelters since it struck, a week ago. That is a catastrophe for every one of those individuals, of course. Still, those figures look small alongside the havoc wreaked by flooding across southern Asia during the very same period. In the past few days, more than 1,200 people have been killed, and the lives of some 40 million others turned upside down, by torrential rain in northern India, southern Nepal, northern Bangladesh and southern Pakistan.

And, of course, we hardly heard about it at all. People are not equal even in death.

Finally, Kathy Armstrong wrote in the Irish Independent just a few days ago about a young Galway man (22) who was hit by a car in Philadelphia in the US and is struggling for his life. You can read more about what happened to this young man and donate to support his recovery. Apparently, he has not insurance to cover his rehab.