Pádraig met people today he hadn’t seen in many, many years – some were there from his primary school days, including teachers and students. There were neighbours, old and new, long time friends, and people who had just heard about it from the Parish bulletin or who had seen one of the many flyers that had been posted all around the area.

There were cakes of all shapes and sizes, tea and coffee, offered by really helpful and kind helpers who made sure nobody remained hungry or thirsty. Then there was the raffle with super prizes all organised by Marie and her friends. Neither Pádraig nor any of us had ever been at what has become an annual event by now, organised by Marie for ‘Caring for Pádraig’. We had just heard fabulous stories about the day – and today, we experienced that it was all true.

Without today, without the fundraising by Marie, her family, friends and neighbours and the friends of Pádraig himself, we wouldn’t be able to organise and pay for Pádraig’s therapies, he wouldn’t be able to receive the specialised intensive therapy sessions in Pforzheim, Germany. And without that therapy, Pádraig would not have made the progress he has made.

So, here’s to you!