How long it’ll last, nobody knows. That’s true for most things in life, even life itself. It’s especially true for those resolutions I adapt from time to time. (I’m sure I’m not alone here, am I?) But I am determined to do more to live a healthy life. Because I want to live a long, long life. Kinda have to, it seems…

Anyhow, not only have I started to ‘run’ again (5k this morning ending up in a big sweat) but I’ve started to eat ‘green’ stuff and fruit as never before – for the last three days:) Along with fish oil and chia seeds (apparently the “super food of the Aztecs” – though they’re not around any longer…)

Though I’ll make an exception tomorrow. Can’t wait for that coffee morning with all the nice cakes and tea and coffee and, above all, brilliant company!

We walked into town today and bought more ‘super food’, including bulgur, couscous, and quinoa. It all felt really healthy:) Now we just have to eat it. (Also bought a bit of steak, just in case.)

On the way back we got the bus. Pádraig had been on the bus here in Dublin a few times. For me, it was the first time with him. I had heard so much about how difficult it was to use public transport in a wheelchair. Glad to say that our experience today was really, really good. People, including the bus driver (!), could not have been more helpful.