Is what I’m writing here a true reflection of my life? What I feel? What I do? How I am and how we are getting on?

Certainly not.

There are organisations who do not want to be named. There are institutions who do not want to be criticised. There are individuals who do not want to be mentioned. And there are feelings I do not want to or I cannot share.

So what am I writing about?

A kind of sanitised version of what is happening? An account of how well Pádraig is doing? A very optimistic view of how An Saol is developing?

We were talking today about of how most of the news in Ireland is bad news: scandals, murders, accidents. And how, when we were in Cuba many many years ago, all the news were positive: achievements, success stories, stories of courage and accomplishment. I think, at times, what I am writing is closer to Cuba than it is to Dublin.

Will I change or just continue to write up a sanitised version of what is going on? What would you do? What makes the most sense? Does either version make sense writing about? Reading about?

Maybe versions of life are just that: versions? Always…