Imagine lying on your tommy with your feet straight up and your toes pressed against the floor. Now lift up your knees from the floor and stretch your leg. Try doing this a few times. Easy? – I know it wouldn’t be easy for me. That’s why we were all really delighted when Pádraig was able to do this first with his left, then with his right, and finally with both of his legs simultaneously.

What a fantastic achievement!

You will have heard of court settlements where the judge makes an award to an injured person based on their requirements established during a professional assessment. These requirements often include home care, therapies and equipment.

We managed to get an assessment from the National Rehabilitation Hospital for Pádraig’s home care needs (washing, eating, dressing etc.), hour by hour, day by day.

For some unknown reason, and although we asked several times, they were not in a position to supply the same for his therapy needs.

So today, I have started to look for people who have got a professional assessment of their therapy needs – just to see what that might look like. Haven’t been successful yet – so if you know anyone who had that done, please get in touch.

And, of course, please do not forget to pass on the note about next Sunday’s Coffee Morning in Marie’s house (85 St Mobhi Grove, Dublin 9, 11am-3pm), the annual fundraising effort and meeting of old and new friends of “Caring for Pádraig”.
See you there!