We just wanted to keep her. Even Pádraig who hadn’t been to keen on our previous ‘man’s best friend’ seemed to really like her. The got on pretty well with each other. She isn’t really a therapy dog but to me it looks like as if she so enjoyed that role. Wouldn’t you agree?

This ‘therapy dog’ is Pádraig’s music therapist’s dog and she brought her along with her for the first time ever, in many months. Let’s hope it wasn’t the last time:)

While Pádraig and the dog enjoyed their time together, I had another meeting in Dun Laoghaire looking at possible premises for our An Saol Project. When I came back, my head was spinning. There are really significant opportunities to develop something substantial if the right people got together.

I’ll be getting up at 5 am tomorrow to go to Germany for two days and to meet s