We checked the balance today: what is left and what we can do with it. We have a good feel for the premises that are available and I believe that by the end of next week we should be able to firm up on what we will go for. We discussed the kind of services we’ll deliver, how we’ll make sure that they will be delivered in the right way by the right people, and how we’ll ensure that the An Saol Project will deliver the best possible long-term inclusive and comprehensive targeted rehabilitation programme to persons with an sABI.

As so often, the highlight of the day was a provided by Pádraig.

One of his regular visitors asked him whether he got bored of their stories and tales and readings. Using his tongue (right for ‘yes’, left for ‘no’) there was no doubt about the answer: it was a clear and resounding ‘yes’. Followed a second later by a huge big smile.

Think about it. The complexity of the thought that lead to his initial answer followed by  this very brought smile, and the multi-layered message behind that answer.

That is the Pádraig we all know.