In my previous life ‘MT’ meant ‘machine translation’. In my current life, it stands for ‘music therapy’. And I have learnt that it truly can take your troubles away.

Second last day of the week that I’ve been travelling around the city and the country to give the An Saol Project a big push forward. It feels like a small eternity.

By the end of tomorrow, An Saol will have a pretty grounded evaluation of what its options are in terms of available premises. Early next week, I expect to take a decision and to start implementing our plans.

Perhaps, not surprisingly, I am drained and exhausted and completely fired up.

With all the positive stuff going on, I should mention that since our return from Germany the coverage of Pádraig’s agreed care hours has got worse than ever. There are situations, and this is one, when things are not getting better over time but move in the opposite direction. There is funding to pay for Pádraig’s care, but the agency charged to provide that care cannot source suitable staff to provide it – not just for a day, or a few days, or a few weeks, or a few months but the best part of a year. I am thinking about what to do next – what do you do if someone takes on a job and isn’t able to do it?

I want to finish up with a really brilliant piece of news, an absolutely highlight of the week. Watch it!

When I saw this – it took away all my troubles because it reminded me that this is what is important. My ‘troubles’ are just a sideshow and completely and absolutely ridiculous, not worse a second thought. And whatever causes them, I will not give any importance either. Whatsoever.