A few awesome things happened today.

We are getting a much better hold on premises and have Dublin City Council, the HSE and the archdioceses looking for possibilities. On Friday, we will have a meeting where we might make considerable process. None of it would have been possible without the help and the presence of our German friends and supporters from Pforzheim, or our Irish friends who are going out of their way to help.

Then, Pádraig went out on a walk into the wild Irish country side – in the middle of Dublin.

And, finally and best, he worked on cognitive exercises of various grades of complexity and difficulty. The most significant of them was that he not only identified the right logos, not in colour but in black and white, he saw them, and he managed to point them out with his finger. Something he has never done before.


Not an easy task – and confirming that not just his cognition and motor skills but also his eye sight is working ok. Awesome.

And then – there is the mass on St James’ Day, our walk on the Camino and the homily I was invited to share – and of which the Irish Society of St James have created an incredible website.

Tomorrow we’ll take a day off our quest for premises – we’ll go to the west, explore the wild Irish Atlantic Way, and visit a family with an sABI survivor on the way. It’ll be a great day.