We were driving through North and North County Dublin checking out premises today. Having had tons of conversations with estate agents, they recommended industrial premises as the ideal home for what we want to do with the An Saol Project, our Day Centre. Something like a high-end warehouse.

What I realised today is that warehouses, even the high end ones, are very often terraced and on very functional roads with no room for anyone getting out to get a bit of fresh air or taking in some sunshine.

And then there are industrial estates that look more like remains of the post-industrial age – rough.

We talked to one developer who will build an industrial building of the size we are looking for and who is prepared to take on our suggestions and make them part of the design – or at least to consider it. That building will be detached and have space for car parking and some nice outside area. Really promising. Maybe just over five minutes drive of the Donabate exit of the M1. In the country but accessible.

I’ve also contacted the Archbishop’s Office (who will consider a meeting), and contacts who are working with the HSE and the Council to see if there are suitable premises.

400-500 square metres – just in case you have connections you can get involved.

We’re also still working on the Bray Head Hotel – it has been bought by an investment firm and they are, as we all know, always for ideas to turn their developments into something special.

I have learned an awful lot today about what we are looking for. And what not. If this is an indication of what the rest of the week will bring, we’re doing good!

I regret not being able to spend time with Pádraig today – but I’m sure our efforts will take off.

Fingers crossed!