There is music in the air. Sound check in Croke Park. Ireland’s biggest stadium where U2 will be playing tomorrow night The Joshua Tree Tour 2017.

Perfectly audible from the attic where I am sitting tonight preparing a homily I’ve been invited to deliver at the annual mass of the Irish Camino Society, the Society of St James, this coming Sunday at 10:30 at the Church of St James.

I am also just off the phone talking to a young woman who is preparing a big event for September that will raise awareness and funds for a number of organisations, amongst them An Saol.

All that while I’ve been working on a Service Level Agreement (SLA) with the Health Service Executive (HSE) which we will sign soon to allow us to receive funds for the An Saol Project – the three-year pilot day centre for persons with severe acquired brain injuries (sABI).

Busy and exciting days.

Also for Pádraig who performed some really amazing exercises and stretches today on his floor matt. Using a big ‘peanut’-shaped ball, he rolled backwards and forwards as well as sideways on his stomach, sitting back on his ankles, and moving his arms up in the air (with help). It was the first time, Pádraig exercised on his stomach. It must have been an amazing feeling and experience for him, allowing brand new connections to be made in his body, feeling nerves and muscles again after a long break. What a session!

Please join us this coming Sunday, 23 July, at 10:30, in St James Church, Dublin, for the Annual Camino Mass.
See you there!