No more holiday snaps. Beaches. Lighthouses. Restaurants on stilts. When I go back through the pictures I took, it already seems to be so far away. But then I received an email from our friends at Google who told me that the photo of Pádraig and the Westerhever Lighthouse has “helped people over 100 times” and that “millions of people rely on photos like yours (mine) to see what places are like”.

How easy it can be to help millions of people.

A few months ago, the medical publishing house Thieme, publishers of the journal for occupational therapists, Ergopraxis, asked me to write an article for them. It was published this month and if you click here, you’ll see a (badly) scanned copy of it. It’s in German, but there are a few pictures you might recognise, as well as a few you might not have seen yet.

Pádraig started his regular physio session again today – with a great smile on his face. He showed off all the exercises he can do now and was messing around, introducing a few ‘extras’, laughing his head off (still silently – but the sounds will come, no doubt). He had great fun! The physio decided that we’ll try a few exercises on the physio matt on the ground tomorrow. It’ll be the first time we’ll be doing it. Can’t wait.

It’s good helping people (as you all know). And it doesn’t have to be millions.