I had to think of How to save a life (by The Fray) this morning when we were walking around the deck of the ‘Oscar Wilde’ ferry with morning, as we are approaching Rosslare. What would they do if there were more than 4 Adults on the ship when the ship got into trouble? I knew for a fact that on our crossing there were dozens of ‘large adults’ on board. And just 6 infants? The ferry was full of babies. What did the jackets for ‘crew only’ look like? Were they better than the ordinary life jackets?

Not being an expert on maritime safety and all, I would have to guess what would happen in the case of a serious incident. My guess would be that people would take whatever life jacket they could lay their hands on: large adults, infants, crew – whatever. What do you think? Would you agree?

We have been away for a long time. The feeling of being back is mixed. What else would it be. Pádraig was happy this afternoon sitting back in his wonderful garden in full bloom on a nice warm summer’s day. We were happy to have completed this long, almost epic journey back to Dublin. On the other hand: this long break was wonderful, for so many different reasons. And there have been quite some significant changes for the better. For example, Pádraig is only taking half the amount of water he used to take through the PEG – the other half he is drinking now.

Who knows what the coming months will bring. Today, I received another phone call from another family member looking for advice. What to do when a brain injured family member is just left in bed?

There are different life vests for different people – there are different treatments for different injuries. But we need life vests for all. Abandoning those with a severe brain injury cannot be an option. – That would be like denying someone a life vest, allowing someone to drown and die.