In a place, not too far away from here, 200 police men from Berlin, ready to protect the G-20 Summit next weekend were sent back home. Because they did what every 20 something year old does: they party-ed. OK. It apparently was quite a wild party.

The whole episode has now generated some funny comments on Twitter and on t-shirts: “Keinen Bock auf Zoff. Wir machen lieber einen drauf.” Impossible for me to translate this, but it basically means “we’ve no interest in beating people up, we prefer to party”. Anti G-20 protesters have decided to leave crates of beer at the police camps, instead of preparing Molotov-Cocktails.


I thought today that I’ll never forget these days in my life. They are incredibly special. It’s like as if nothing could do us any harm, as if the world was perfect, idyllic.