We asked Pádraig to spell what he wanted to order for desert today. And thought “fingers crossed”. First letter that got a ‘bleep’ was the “A”. Since we had expected an “I” we double-checked twice. An “A” it was. Next letter was a “P”.

Was it “apple”? Yes, it was!

Was it “apple” “something”? Yes, it was.

First letter of that ‘something’ was a “T”. Was it “apple tart”? Yes, it was.

There was a huge grin on his face as he spelled out his order for desert – check out the picture below. And check out the butterfly that kept him company! There was a grin because he knew as well as we did that the chances of finding an apple pie in Germany, never mind in Tating, were pretty slim.

Generous as he is though, Pádraig settled for “Apfelkuchen”. With “I”cecream!

Now it was up to me to get the Apfelkuchen.

The Bäckerei didn’t have it. Apparently, Tuesday is their cheese cake day. I walked across the whole of Tating trying to get a slice of Apfelkuchen in the village’s famous coffee and cake house.

Luckily, they had a slice left. One!

Before all this happened at lunch time, Pádraig had a therapy session. And for the first time since his accident, he got on a kind of a swing. He really enjoyed it and I thought that we need to get his hammock back up and working in some way.

If not in the garden then maybe in his room, involving the ceiling hoist in some way.

It’s so interesting to see how different therapists have different approaches and are trying different ways of working with Pádraig.