The perfect day. Breakfast out in the garden, a bit of shopping, and a walk out into the sea towards the Arche Noah.

It’s incredibly hard to do it and it’s truly amazing to be able to do it. Pádraig had been here on a day trip from Hamburg, but now he’s back in the house. He’s eating and drinking and when he’s having an ice-cream, guess what, he can eat the waffle too. Sounds like not much of a big deal, but it is. He is doing things he used to do, more and more of them. He’s going places he used to go, more and more of them. And he is enjoying it. Are we looking back at the way it used to be? How do we react when a little boy comes over and asks what happened to him and the mother asks would we like her to take a picture of the three of us when I’m (hopelessly;) trying to take a selfie? – You could say, none of this is like the way it is supposed to be. But how is life supposed to be? How?