Many things could have gone wrong. But they didn’t:)

Even while we were away, an absolutely brilliant workman put in an anti-slip wood-look-alike floor into the bedroom and the living room downstairs, and we managed to get a lot of the German-based equipment going tonight, having driven through some of those 10km-long traffic jams on the German autobahn, then catching up on time at 100m/hr on the no-speed-limit Freie Fahrt für Freie Bürger roads.

I am conquering old memories that make me cry when I look back at them. Like all the time we spent in Tating, the months that shaped our lives. The dreams and ideas we had then. The ‘problems’ we all had. The care-free summers on the beach, in my sister’s restaurant.

But we’re not looking back, we take what is ours and make it part or our future. There’s no reason, no need, and no way we’ll be stuck in the past. Life happens today. Not yesterday. Each day we’re creating new and more exciting memories we’ll look back on one day and say: wasn’t that incredible?

I can tell you: it is. Incredible. And it’s unbelievable. It’s exciting.

The way life’s supposed to be.