It’s late and another crazy day is about to finish. Tomorrow is going to be even better.

I was in Limerick today for the oral PhD examination, the viva, of my last PhD student. It was such a pleasure to follow her presentation and the way she handled the questions and the discussion with her examiners. It moved me to bit to hear the external examiner who had come to UL from the University of Salamanca saying that he was honoured and proud to be at the cradle and the world centre of localisation teaching and research. The last time he had been here he was still a Masters’ student attending our localisation summer school…

Hardly spent time with Pádraig today. He was in good form, enjoying the good weather and getting ready to go to Germany tomorrow via Rosslare, catching the boat to France and then driving to Germany over two days.

Tomorrow morning, just before we’ll have to leave, I’ll be having another meeting with the HSE.

While a group of supporters and (potential) funders will be checking out the Bray Head Hotel – or: An Saol On Sea: SMARTlab at the Lighthouse Living Lab. Wouldn’t that be absolutely mad, weird and wonderful? Bringing together sABI survivors, technologists, musicians, therapists, artists, researchers, carers: Dreamboaters of the World Unite!

Sometimes you have to be mad to make the most incredible things happen. This would be big. Real big. A game changer.