Ok, it probably wasn’t him but the Irish monk Brendan who ‘discovered’ (whatever that means) America. Or was it the Vikings?

What is for sure though is that it was him, Christopher Columbus, who said something worth of a Dreamboater:

 You can never cross the ocean until you have the courage to lose sight of the shore.

The past few years have felt like as if I had been preparing for this journey. When I would loose sight of the shore. When I would truly believe that this ‘boat’ would really float. When I would go on board, cut the ropes and sailed away.

What is the use of playing it safe, doing what you’re expected to do, making yourself dependent on other people’s expectations, complying, when, in reality, the wise Columbus-like decision would be to forget about any ‘baggage’ and do what needs to be done.

Have you done this before? Does it require courage? What difference does it make?