ClareFM yesterday, the BBC today. An Saol is still very much present on the air waves.

Yesterday, Gavin Grace interviewed me for his Morning Focus show on ClareFM. An interview that shows how things have moved on. The Focus now is really to get the An Saol Project on the road – a project very much present in the HSE 2017 service plan published in December of last year, announced by Simon Harris and approved by the HSE in February. Followed by a long silence.


Anocht ar Blas beidh @MBhreathnach ag caint le máthair & deirfiúr Pádraig Schaler @an_saol faoi ‘Action for Brain Injury Week’. Pat and Maria talk to Máire Bhreathnach, presenter of the BBC RadioUlster Blas Irish Language current affairs programme.

Today, for the first time, An Saol became one of two main topics (the ‘other’ topic was Trumps “you’re fired” of the FBI Director, James Comey) on BBC Raidio Ulsters Irish language current affair programme Blas, presented by Máire Bhreathnach. The first time on the BBC. Getting Health Minister Simon Harris onto the show did not work out, unfortunately, but his Department said that they are in close and constant contact with An Saol, developing the project. Mmmmhhhhh.



The more people and the more often we talk about the abandonment of sABI survivors, the better. However, we won’t forget to actually do something for them. First and foremost. Hopefully with the HSE.