I had taken a nap yesterday afternoon. For the first time in a while, I was not too tired in the evening. So I did what I used to do when? and read a bit of a book. Searched for music on youtube. That’s what Pádraig likes, amongst so many other things: Reading. Music.

So why, why is he not getting access to books. To good music.

Because part of his day is wasted by people not working efficiently with him. I think that will have to change. Because the mind needs to be stimulated, like the body.

Today I was also exploring my options in relation to my work at the University of Limerick following the end of carers’ leave at the end of August. It is strange to see that nothing of what I left behind almost two years ago still exists. Maybe, on second thoughts, that is a good thing.

Was interviewed on Clare fm today, will find the recording and put it up later. Also got a call from the BBC in the North who wanted to interview someone about Pádraig and An Saol, in Irish.

Pádraig is fine, continues to improve every day. Went swimming and did stuff with so much ease.