It’s  Easter Monday and it’s Independence Day.
Two brilliant things happened today.

First, two of Pádraig’s friends came by and went out with him on a walk. I thought they’d never come back, it seemed so long. From what I heard, they had a really good time and are planning a follow-up with a variation on the theme of ‘independence’. Really, we (the old guys) don’t have to be involved. We’re not indispensable. We’re not really needed. At least not all the time. A strange-feeling and absolutely brilliant and makes-me-so-happy realisation. I guess it is good for all of us to have us around, but we can (should!) also have an independent life. All of us.

Then, Pádraig’s sister re-activated his Facebook page because the plan is to have im sending messages out to his friends and getting messages and stuff called ‘likes’ (I think) from them. I don’t know what the page looks like (never really did, thinking about it), but the idea of getting back online to me sounds and feels like another huge step of getting back into life. An Saol. Dreamboaters Ahoy!