There is this theory I have: look at things that work, are helpful, and create energy (and leave aside irritating, unhelpful, and paralysing stuff) and spend time with people who push positive change, are ambitious in a good way, are caring, and have high standards (avoiding people who tell you all about what is not possible, try to persuade you to accept the status quo, and have a ‘that-will-do’ attitude) then, bit by bit, life will get better because the good ‘stuff’ and the good ‘people’ will ‘outgrow’ the bad stuff and the bad people.

I think it’s a good approach to life and it helps you stay out of trouble. Focus on the good rather than taking on the bad.

Jesus would probably not have ended up on the cross had he staid out of trouble and had he not taken on the establishment.

On the other hand, would we have heard about his message of love had he not campaigned for what is right and taken on what is wrong, got into trouble?

Are there two approaches? One that keeps you out of trouble and another that lets you end up on the cross?

Do we have to choose between one and the other? Are they mutually exclusive?

Pádraig is doing well, getting a little bit better all the time, loads of exercises, good food, a bit of fresh air, happy carers. I wonder whether this is how life will continue.