An important day to remember the past and an important day to look into the future.



Five years ago today, my mother in law died. She had had what you would call a ‘fulfilled live’. But with her died a whole era. I got the call just a few seconds before the train pulled out of Heuston Station for Limerick. We rang Pádraig who was on a ski holiday with a group of friends from TCD. We woke him up and he was whispering not to wake up the others in his room. He made his way down from that mountain with the help of Google maps back to Geneva from where he made it home for the funeral. We thought those were difficult days.

In a bit more than three weeks from now, An Saol will have the first of regular Saturday Social Afternoons in the HSE’s Odin’s Wood Daycare Centre – all going well. We set the date for 04 February, probably from 2-5pm. We’ll have to sort a few minor details and then plan for an absolute brilliant afternoon for families and injured. It’s not really that much, a small enough start, but a real start, a real get together with a bit of coffee, tea, biscuits and, hopefully, a bit of entertainment. – We’ll need some support to organise this, so please let me know if you’d be interested and have time to help with the organisation:) I think that 04 February will be a day to remember in years to come as a day when we started to think that days will become easier.

Slowly but surely.