They were born to be wild. Brent Geese are the connection between Ireland and arctic Canada – if you were ever looking for such a connection. I wasn’t looking for a connection but a reason why there were hundreds of wild geese on this green in Kilbarrack in Dublin the other day when we went there with Pádraig to look at a wheelchair accessible car.


Turns out they arrive here in September, stay for the winter months and then go back to Canada in the spring time to breed. Almost 50,000 of them apparently. Many of them stay in Dollymount, on Bull Island, but some spend some time feeding on various greens during the day apparently.

We established that Pádraig’s wheelchair and himself fit into a Kia Sedona which is the only car I’ve found that wasn’t built as a van and then converted into a ‘person-car’. It’s nice, it’s comfortable, quiet, with a great suspension. Downside is: they don’t build them anymore. So I’ve started to look around to find out whether there are any good second hand deals in Ireland or the U.K.

What we want to do is, I guess, travel – a bit like the wild geese. Not being confined to one place. Being able to see other shores. Go places. Not being stuck in a room. The car Pádraig was given to by our very dear and generous friends has been a life-changer. I could just not imagine how different the past two years would have been without that car. But unfortunately, it’s a bit small for him and it is very shaky, especially given the large wheelchair he’s in and his lack of body control.

We’re Born to be Wild – and that’s how we’re going to live our lives!