We had a brilliant evening out at a friends’ house, having dinner that not even remotely resembled turkey or ham – a first for the last week! It was great to get out of the house, not having to cook ourselves (nor to do the clean up:), and to pass time in great company.

We are taking it easy this week, staying in bed a little longer in the mornings, going for walks, planning the next year – or at least thinking about what we want to do. All the ‘classics’ are there: loosing weight, getting fit, sleeping more and better, spending more time on what is important and less on what isn’t. But there’s also some ‘specials’: very concrete goals for Pádraig, clear objectives for An Saol, a loud message to society.

This time of the year has been the most difficult one, following Pádraig’s accident. Three years ago, we were emigrated because there was no bed, not at the Inn, but in the National Rehabilitation Hospital. Pádraig’s lung collapsed and he had three major operations and a complication that almost finished his life for a second and third and fourth time. Two years ago, he was ready to be discharged home – after a planned procedure to make his tracheostomy permanent, a procedure we just about managed to stop. Last year, he was about to be officially discharged from the NRH and we were worried about his health. This year he is fine, he is with us, he has not been in hospital since he was discharged a year ago, and has not been seen by a doctor for a long long time. That’s significant – as is the fact that his physical and mental condition keeps improving, a surprise for professionals who recommended everything between a nursing home and the end.

What’ll be next? Can’t wait!