Friends gave us a voucher to go out together, all of us. So tonight, Pat and I went out to check the place out. To have an evening (well: an hour:) out together and to see whether there’d be enough space for all of us.


It’s a really nice place. Maybe 10, 15 minutes walk from the house.

So, one evening next week, that will be our evening out. Can’t wait.

A remarkable thing happened today. Two people, far away from each other, not knowing of each other, never mind knowing each other, said, independently, that they are 100% convinced that Pádraig will be able to walk. That he had that stamina and determination to get back up on his feet and walk. They weren’t trying to be nice, they were not prompted and they had no reason to say so.

I’m telling you: nothing, nothing is impossible. There are no boundaries. Limits imposed by laws of physics don’t exist. If you want something and you try really hard, you will get there. The hurt, the occasional disappointed, the despair, even the tears you’ll encounter on the way are just part of the journey. They come and go. All the time you’ll know that in the end the Dreamboat will float and you’ll be on it steering it towards the sea. Standing behind the wheel.

Keep going. Keep moving. Leave all these obstacles by the wayside. You’ll be getting there. Nothing and nobody will stop you.