When Pádraig had his accident, we desperately tried to get our hands on any information and help we could get for him. We came across a quote by Dr Aine Carrroll which really shocked us – she was talking about rehabilitation services available for persons with severe brain injuries:

“It is very labour intensive because we have such a shortage of beds. We can’t justify anymore beds because you can make the argument that it is a much better investment of resources to invest that time and effort into individuals who are going to increase their functionality, reduce care costs, hopefully get them home, get them back to work. These are individuals who will never get to that point, so we have to limit the number of beds for that service to three.”

(http://www.medicalindependent.ie/5062/fulfilling_a_duty_of_rehabilitative_care) (underlining is mine)

This morning, the HSE published their 2017 Service Plan. On page 32, it commits the HSE to:

establish an innovative pilot day service aimed at supporting people with severe acquired brain injuries.


So tonight, we are celebrating that we have managed to change the hearts and minds of people who now realise that the most vulnerable amongst us have a right to live their life with dignity and respect.

Pádraig with his perseverance and determination, never taking a ‘no’ for an answer, has done what a year ago seemed to be the impossible.

Dreamboaters, ahoy! Change is coming!