It was one of those days, one of those moments I’ll never forget. One of those incidents I won’t want to talk about. One of those that really struck right into my heart. Yet it passed as the most normal thing in the world, no attention given, by anyone, it just came and went. And made, and makes, me cry, hurt so much, beyond comprehension.

A friend of Pádraig’s had left the new CD by IMLÉ, which they had launched recently. It’s really absolute brilliant music. I played the CD for one of Pádraig’s carers this morning. When “Pádraig” came up, the song Marcus had written for Pádraig, I got my laptop, went to YouTube and showed the video and song to the carer.


At the beginning of the video is this picture of Pádraig. When the carer saw the picture he asked: “Who is that”?