Would you believe it? It’s exactly one month to Christmas today, and just a few days to the first Sunday of Advent. And by accident, not by design, Christmas arrived early today for Pádraig when our HSE community therapist and the company the HSE had contracted delivered his new Comfort Chair!

img_6149Watching Pádraig enjoying his new chair, I was thinking that it might be used even if he isn’t in it. It really is so cosy, a bit bulky, a bit wheelchair-like looking, but you can’t have everything, all the time:) It’s just brilliant. Looking at the ‘bigger’ picture, I thought that Pádraig’s room is getting a bit small for all the equipment he is using… It would make so much sense to have facilities where he could get together with others using similar equipment, sharing it with them, getting a bit of banter going, enjoying each other’s company.

Just another reason to get the An Saol project on the road!