On the way to Hamburg. With Ryanair. To sort out a few things in Hamburg and in Tating. Just a long weekend with one of Pádraig’s sisters. We’re sitting in row 5 ( doing your online checkin at the last minute moves you up to the front of an almost fully booked plane with dozens of Reeperbahn fans and stags in the back:).


I’ve been coughing for the first hour on the plane because we had to run to the gate in Dublin airport (if you know me you’re aware that I’m not a sprinter) when we the notice board on which we wanted to check the gate number showed our flight as being ‘closed’.

By the time we got to our seats I could hardly breathe. I’m still having this taste of blood in my mouth you get when you’re really pushing yourself. – We were discussing which hostel we would have staid in for the weekend had we really lost the flight, and who we could have asked to photoshop us into a couple of pictures of the wild North Sea.

This is supposed to be fun. Can’t wait for tomorrow.

Another Germain song: Ich will leben bis zum letzten Atemzug. Ich bin keine Maschine. Ich leb’ von Luft und Phantasie.