Tomorrow is the day of the 2016 Dublin City Marathon. For the first time ever it will take place on a Sunday and not the Bank Holiday Monday, making it easier for runners coming from abroad to participate. Participants will get a special commemorative Medal because of the 100th anniversary of the “rising”, the Irish Rebellion against Britain. For these reasons, the marathon sold out months ago, for the first time ever. When I eventually tried to register, all places had been sold. For the first time since I started running the year before Pádraig’s accident, I won’t be struggling to make it to the finishing line (it was never a question of time for me:).


But I have decided that my life will change. On Tuesday:) I’ll start training for the Hamburg Marathon in April. I will go to bed early. I will eat and live healthy. Starting on Tuesday. Really. I will also register for both the Hamburg and the Dublin Marathons. Really.

I also want to start planning a few trips with Pádraig. He said that he’d really like to travel. So we’ll start preparing. For the trip to Alaska. And a walk on the ‘camino’. I watched a group of Irish people walking the last 120km of the camino on Irish TV last week and I kept watching it to the bitter end (at around midnight) just to see whether the ground of that part of the camino would allow a ‘normal’ wheelchair to be pushed toward Santiago. It looked pretty promising but I’ll try finding out more.

Email from the Minister with special responsibility for Disability: he has made the An Saol Project one of his priorities for the budget being firmed up over the coming weeks. Have approached the Minister for Health as well, but haven’t heard back from him yet…